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Matrix, established in 2019, is a pioneering electric vehicle company specializing in the production of electric golf carts and electric mobility scooters. With a forward-thinking approach towards sustainability and technological innovation, the company has quickly risen to prominence in the niche yet rapidly growing sector of electric recreational and utility vehicles.


Explore fresh paths and adventures with the completely street-legal Matrix Golf Carts. Equipped with four commodious seats oriented towards the front, a reverse camera, an integrated stereo system, and an advanced infotainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Matrix Golf Carts are the ideal conveyance for accompanying you on every twist and turn your journey may offer.

Simply Electrifying

We understand that achieving the perfect equilibrium between quality and affordability can be tricky. Therefore, we’ve committed ourselves to offering you an ideal mixture of both with our golf carts. Prepare to commence a transformative adventure that transcends mere transportation and evolves into a way of life.


Matrix is profoundly devoted to the art of attention to detail in every aspect of their electric vehicle production. From the design phase, where every curve and contour is meticulously crafted, to the assembly line, where individual parts are carefully selected and combined, precision and perfection are their guiding principles.


Matrix takes style and comfort to the next level with its electric vehicles. An outstanding feature of these EVs is their exquisitely stitched seats, meticulously designed and crafted to offer a sophisticated and luxurious look. The combination of innovative design and quality materials ensure not just an aesthetically pleasing interior but also offer optimal comfort for a truly indulgent ride. With a Matrix vehicle, every journey becomes a style statement.


Matrix invites you to Go Green! Our vehicles are energized by top-tier AGM batteries, ensuring optimal performance for every journey. We’ve partnered with leading batteries manufacturer in China to engineer the most efficient and potent batteries available. With Matrix , you’re not just driving; you’re advancing towards a greener, more efficient future.

premium features

Matrix’s golf carts offer a host of premium features designed to elevate every ride into an experience. They are equipped with ambient lighting that enhances the visual aesthetics, making your journey as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the drive. The high-quality tufted seats ensure comfort and luxury, while speakers and subwoofers deliver a rich, immersive audio experience. The 10″ infotainment screen serves as the centerpiece of our golf carts, offering seamless connectivity with Bluetooth, CarPlay, and Android Auto. This allows easy access to music, navigation, and more, ensuring that you stay connected and entertained on your journey. These exclusive features illustrate Matrix’ dedication to providing a luxurious, convenient, and enjoyable driving experience.

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