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Premium Quality Products: Matrix EVH stands for excellence in electric vehicle manufacturing. Our golf carts and mobility scooters are engineered with cutting-edge technology, ensuring durability and performance that sets us apart.

Unique Features: We go beyond the standard. Our vehicles boast innovative features and customizable options, offering a superior experience that our competitors simply can’t match.

Market Demand & Satisfaction: With the rising demand for eco-friendly transportation, our products are perfectly positioned in the market. High customer satisfaction rates are a testament to the quality and reliability of our vehicles.

Dealer Support: As a Matrix EVH dealer, you’re never alone. We provide extensive training, marketing support, and competitive margins to ensure your success.



Electric Golf Carts

Explore our range of electric golf carts, designed for efficiency and style. With features like regenerative braking, customizable panels, and advanced battery technology, they’re perfect for any course.

Our Golf Carts are furnished with a 10.1″ LCD touch screen, complete with a backup camera and integrated CarPlay, further enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of your golf cart.

Immerse yourself in the supreme comfort offered by the Matrix Golf Carts. Unique features such as a rear flip seat, standard-sized cup holders, and not to mention being the only golf cart equipped with a subwoofer and ambient lights, it truly distinguishes itself from the rest of the golf carts.

10” Touchscreen LCD screen with bluetooth, CarPlay, Android Auto and Back Up Camera.

Lifted suspension with hydraulic brakes and 48v AGM battery

Premium Sound System with Subwoofers, Ambient Lights, Tufted Seats and Cup Holders

Best 5 Year warranty in the industry for ultimate peace of mind!

Electric Mobility Scooters

At Matrix EVH, we take pride in offering top-tier mobility scooters that redefine quality and comfort in personal mobility. Our scooters are engineered to excel in both safety and comfort, ensuring a seamless experience on roads and sidewalks alike. Select models feature a fully enclosed cabin, a rare luxury in mobility scooters, equipped with both heating and air conditioning to provide ultimate comfort in any weather. This enclosed design not only enhances comfort but also ensures additional safety and protection from the elements.

The superior build quality of our scooters guarantees durability and reliability, while their advanced suspension systems offer a smooth and stable ride on various terrains. User-friendly controls and ergonomic seating are standard across our range, making every journey a pleasure.

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